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Making a Difference

The world today is a complicated, combative, confusing and frustrating place. We believe that the vast majority of people would like to make a difference, to do good deeds but just don't know how to use their limited time and resources to do such things. We also believe that it's important to strive to leave the world a better, healthier place than it was when we arrived. In our own lives we have taken steps to make a difference, albeit small ones, but lots of small differences can add up to big ones. From our campaign to eliminate plastics from our lives as much as possible, to eliminating as much processed food as possible from our lives (and those two things tend to overlap a lot), to reducing our energy consumption, to our farm management practices and our community outreach efforts, we strive to practice what we preach and promote healthy and sustainable living.

As part of that effort we are pleased to place, free of charge, advertising and promotion of businesses and organizations trying to make a difference, in the hopes that they will help you to also make a difference.

A moment of your time

These sites and organizations have found ways that you can do good at no cost to you but a tiny bit of your time.

Good For you good for others

When you buy things from these guys they give things to others

Lend a hand

These organizations give you a simple way to help others directly

Know a good candiate for inclusion? Send us a note and tell us about them