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Contact Info
Ian & Raven raveian@wolston.com 503-394-2021


Wolston Goose

A son of Bear and Kate Goose is the third generation of our male lie that has become the main workhorse around the farm. Lots of presence and an incredible natural feel for sheep Goose is doing very well on the trial field as well as on the farm. When Goose is at his best I talk to him very little on the trial field, he has his grandpa Moss's feel for sheep but is more patient with my mistakes than Moss was.

Wolston Goose: ABC  DOB 8/1/2010
Sire: Wolston Bear: ABC 247084
Dam:  Kate: ABC 315074

Major Achievements

Career Open Wins -- 8
2013-14 Wolston Winter Series Champion
2016-17 Wolston Winter Series Champion

Career Open placements -- 36/58

2016-17 Trial season -- Total points -- points counted -- 10 competitive runs 8 placements

2015-16 Trial season -- Total points 59.8 -- points counted 47.2 -- 10 competitive runs 8 placements

2014-15 Trial season -- Total points 58.4 -- points counted 39.6 -- 16 competitive runs 10 placements

2013-14 Trial Season -- Total points 42.6 -- points counted 28.2 -- 18 competitive runs 9 placements

2012-13 Trial season -- Total points 1.4 --4 competitive runs 1 placement