Herding Mini Camps

Mini Camps are short (1-2 day) intensive training programs with a very specific focus

I do mini camps here at the farm intended to be intensive, tightly focused, training on a specific aspect of training a dog or handling. These camps are generally offed as needed and requested by a group of students. Below is a list of some of the subjects that have been or can be a focus of a mini camp.

The Five C's -- My fundamentals to becoming a better dog trainer, the mini camp focuses on how to apply these principles in your daily training.

Sheep Camp -- My most requested mini camp and usually offered every summer. A little over two days of intense focus on sheep behaviour, including lectures, hands on sheep handling exercises, group discussions and some dog work.

Shedding -- A two part camp focused on shedding, part one is on the skills a dog needs to be a good shedder and part 2 is on the skills hte handler needs to be good at shedding

Holding a line -- One of the most important skills a dog can learn, the ability to hold a straight line without much help from the handler.

Trial Handling -- Focused on an understanding of the rules for trials and how to minimize point losses by how you choose to deal with situations that can and do arise on the trial field.

Feel and Pace -- Two sides of the same coin, a dog with good feel for its sheep and the ability to hold a steady pace is an enormous asset, this mini camp focuses on how to encourage  the development of feel and pace in your dog.

International Shed -- The international shed is a test of teamwork between handler and dog. Testing both of your skills in moving, sorting and holding sheep.  This mini camp focuses on the techniques and decisions that will greatly increase not only your chances of success but also minimize point loss.

Pening -- Focused on the skills and techniques needed from both dog and handler for sucessful pening.

Above is a selection of the most requested mini camps but is not all inclusive, if there is a subject you are intereted in i can bulid a mini camp around it in most circumstances.