Training Clinics & Judging

Ian is available for clinics and judging at your location

If you cant come to us for your herding training needs but would like to work with Ian and hear what he has to say you may be interested in having him come to you for a clinic. Ian will do clinics of any duration from 2-7 days.

Cost:   Clinics cost $800 per day plus travel expenses with consideration given for clinics lasting more than 3 days. Most clinics are for all experience levels but clinics specific for beginners and more advanced dogs can also be given as well as clinics on specific topics.

Cinic Size:  I recommend that for general clinics you limit to 15 dogs with each dog working twice per day. For advanced clinics i recommend limiting to ten dogs. For clinics where most or all dogs are new to herding you can usually go as high as 20 dogs per day.

Judging:  If you want me to judge a trial my rates are flexible based on the size of the event. Please call for more information.