Herding Demonstrations & Tours of Wolston Farm  

Our dogs love to perform and visit with their fans be it at farm tours or demonstrations at festivals and fairs   

Wolston farms is available for group visits by schools, tour groups, group homes etc. We tailor our tour and presentations to the group and the season. A typical visit lasts about an hour and can include seeing baby lambs in season. Other aspects of the visit include discussion and explanation of how all the creatures on the farm -- cats, dogs, and sheep -- have a job to do, and explanations about the different breeds of sheep, their wool and how it is processed and used. The tour generally concludes with a demonstration of the Border Collies herding, along with an explanation of the commands and how they learn to do what they do. There is time for questions at each stage of the tour. Tours cost $40 for groups from 10-50.

We can travel to do herding demonstrations at schools, fairs, celtic festivals, and other events. We customize our demonstrations for the audience, focusing on education for shcool deomonstrations, heritage, historyand humor for Celtic festivals, audience participation when appropriate etc. For festivals and fairs we typcially do 3-4 demonstrations of 15-30 minute each per day. The hosting entity must have insurance for the event that covers the demonstration unless special arrangements are made. We provide the dogs and the sheep for the demonstration. The event host will need to provide water for the dogs and sheep (we will bring tanks) and any fencing, pens or other barriers needed. If a sound system will be needed the host will need to provide it.

As an example for a 2 day celtic festival with 3-4 demonstrations a day, within a 4 hour drive of the farm we typically ask $500, plus 2-3 nights lodging, (if needed) and a 10X20 booth for us, the dogs and our wares.