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Contact Info
Ian Caldicott lessons@wolston.com 541-971-0372


Demonstrations are among our favorite activities. Our demonstrations are a mixture of dog work, storytelling and explanation of what the dogs are doing and how they are trained. Depending on the size of the space we are doing the demonstrations in each demo takes 15-30 minutes. Typically we will do 3-4 demonstrations a day with each one being a little different. Where possible we also have members of the audience paticipate in some of the demonstrations.

Before a dog travels to participate in demonstrations it has has all the herding trained needed to perform as well as participated in demonstrations at the farm to ensure they are ready to interact with the public. We typically travel with 2-3 dogs.

We provide the dogs and the sheep as well as trasportation and feed and water tubs (but not the water). We have a small portable PA speaker that we bring but for larger venues a more robust system needs to be provided. we also bring an event booth that includes shepherds crooks, walking sticks and artwork we make on our farm as well as information about the dogs and sheep.

What we need from event hosts

For a typical 2 day event with 3-4 demonstrations a day we charge $500. For a one day event less than 2 hours from home we charge $300. For events more than 4 hours away there may be an additional travel expense.

Past Events
2005 -- Linn County Fair (Albany OR)
2007 -- Shaniko Wool Gathering (Shaniko OR)
2013-15 -- Newport Celtic Festival (Newport OR)
2013-16 -- Hood Canal Celtic Festival (Belfair WA)
2015-16 -- MacKenzie Highland Games (Eugene OR)