Herding Facility Rental 

Wolston Farms herding facilities and stock are avialable for clubs and organizations to rent    

For herding clubs and individuals looking for places to hold events our large field as well as two smaller fields suitable for arena and smaller field competitions are available for rent. There is ample parking for competitors and spectators alike located between the large field and the two smaller trial fields.

The large field Is about 25 acres. It is about 500 yards long and 280 yards wide. There are permanent set out and exhaust pens.

The arena field is 150 ft. by 300 ft. and shares a common sheep holding area with the other trial field that is 300 ft. by 600 ft. The shared sheep holding area allows for both fields to be run simultaneously with the same flock of sheep.

Use of any one field is $350 per day, two fields are $550 per day and all three fields are $700 per day. We have panels and pens to set up two fields worth of courses which can be rented for $50 per field (including setup assistance) for the duration of your event. We will also rent you sheep if you need them at $2.50 per head per day with a maximum of three runs per sheep (2 on the  largefield) per day. If you need stock handlers we can also provide those ($80 per day per stock handler). You will need to provide proof of insurance that covers Wolston Farms during your event.