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Contact Info
Ian Caldicott lessons@wolston.com 541-971-0372

Group Herding Lessons

The most popular way to learn herding with your dog is by attending private or group lessons.  During these lesson I work with you and your dog helping each of you (separately and together) learn about how to work sheep.  While you can come at whatever frequency suits your lifestyle most people come once a week.  Students and their dogs get the opportunity to participate in the activities on our farm and gain important practical experience.

Group lessons enable you to learn from watching others and participating in discussions of what is going on as well as from you own experiences. Joining a current group requires agreement of all current group members, forming a new group requires as least 3 people or 4 dogs.

Lessons are by appointment and typically only booked a week in advance to give people currently using a time slot the chance to keep it each week.   Please be aware that the weekend slots are the most popular but they are also the most likely to be cancelled periodically due to other events such as trials, mini-camps etc. To schedule a lesson you need to contact me at least 48 hours in advance and not more than 1 week in advance.  To schedule a lesson e-mail lessons@wolston.com or call 541-971-0372.

During the winter months I offer lessons at 9, 10 and 11 am seven days a week (unless i have a confilcting event). During the summer months i also offer some evening lessons (5 and 6 pm).