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Contact Info
Ian Caldicott lessons@wolston.com 541-971-0372

Herding Training Prices

Below are all the options for lessons and training. Please be sure to also read our cancellations policy.

If your not sure of your dogs interest or ability its best to start with an evaluation.  This relatively short session is designed to bring out and assess the dogs desire and ability to herd. Cost is $20 per dog.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are for one person with one or two dogs. The lessons last 45 minutes and cost $45.

Group Lessons
Group lessons are for a minimum of 3 people or 4 dogs. The cost is $10 to attend the group and $10 for each time you or your dog (or both ) works. Length varies but typically for 3 people and 3 dogs it will take 2-2.5 hours.

In-House training
There is a minimum first time stay of 1 month with 2 months recommended for beginner dogs.  The cost is $360 a month. Please call for more information (541-971-0372)

Mini Camps
My herding mini-camps held here at the farm are $110 per dog/handler team for the weekend which includes lunch each day. Check the calendar for dates of upcoming mini camps.

Herding Vacations
Looking for something longer, how about a week at the farm with 2 lessons a day.  A weeks herding vacation starts at only $400. Some of the sessions will be private and some part of a group.

My normal fee for clinics is $700 per day plus expenses.  Longer clinics (3 or more days) can be at a lower per day rate.

Private Clinic
If you live within 2 hours drive of Scio and you would like me to give a private clinic to you and a friend or two I charge  $400 + travel expenses.  I will be with you for about 6 hours.

Practice time
Practice time is $15 per 30 minutes for regular students and $20 per 30 minutes for others. Check here for elegibility requirements.

I do herding demonstrations at fairs, festivals and other events please check here for details and pricing.