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Contact Info
Ian Caldicott lessons@wolston.com 541-971-0372

Wolston Sheep Setting Team

What is the most important job at a trail? To me its a toss up between the judge and the sheep setting. Both jobs require consistancy, and you know both jobs have been done well when noone complains about them. Sheep setting is not the same as running in a trial, the skill sets may overlap but being good at one does not necessarily make you good at the other. Good sheep setting includes how the sheep are handled in the pens as well as how they are taken out to the field and held at the setout point. Ideally it should be done with the absolute minimum amount of stress on the sheep, with the sheep walking and not running throughout the entire process.

Ian has set sheep at many trials and takes the job very seriously. Unfortunately setting sheep for an entire trial on his own with rotating help in the pens takes a lot out of him and his dogs. In order to be able to continue to offer sheep setting services Ian has trained a crew of friends and students to assist in the pens and in the field. Our setting approach is based on a sheep handling method we call CPA - calm, patient and attentive. the training program involves a minimum of 6 hours and working at least two days at an event in a probationary capacity (so there is a full crew without the probationary member) and everyone working on the crew has been through the program.

For more information or to hire the crew please call visit the Get Set web site.