Renting Sheep to Train Your Dog  

For those that don't have sheep or need different sheep to train on we rent out some of our sheep on a monthy basis      

we know that most people that are interested in herding cannot afford or do not have the space or the time to maintain the number of sheep needed to offer their dogs the kind of broad range of experience they need. To help people with their dog training we offer a couple of options for sheep rental aimed at helping you with your dog training. If you are interested in renting sheep please call us at 503-394-2021 for details.

Dog Broke Sheep Rental
If you have a young dog it is helpful to have sheep that behave well, that come to you readily, that don't fight the dog etc. If you want to rent some sheep like this we rent groups of 5 at $50 per month ($10 per head per month).

Non Dog Broke Sheep Rental
If you are at a more advanced level of training you don't want sheep that just come to you when you send the dog, you want sheep that will make the dog work to cover them and bring them. If you purchase sheep from an auction they often start out this way but after a month of so they have become dog broke. We rent  sheep at $10 per head per  month and you c n bring them back and exchange them for fresh ones each month if you want.

Sheep Purchase
Looking to buy some sheep to train on, or want to start or expand a flock of your own, we can help with that as well. Please call to discuss your situation and needs. We have young and mature rams, purebred and crossbred, we have ewes of all ages and usually lambs. White or colored, horned or polled, fine wool or coarse, we have a very mixed flock to choose from.