In House Training 

Leaving your dog with us for intensive training

For farmers and ranchers who are looking to have their dog trained for them, and people interested in trialing that want help getting their dog ready for trialing, we offer the option to leave your dog with us for a month of more of training.

The dog must be at least one year of age and if it does not have former herding training has to have an evaluation before being taken in for intensive training. Dogs get worked almost every day, some days they get two or even three training sessions other days they may not get any. As well as providing us flexibility in our training schedule it also helps the dog learn that every time you go out you are not necessarily going to work but if they wait their next chance is not far off.

At the end of the dogs training time I usually ask that the owner come and visit for a couple of hours to a full day so we can work together and I can show you what the dog can do and what problems there are that need to be watched. I usually provide a written summary of where the dog is and what I think you need to be doing with the dog when it comes home.

For dogs that have no herding experience I recommend an initial stay of at least 2 months (the minimum is 1 month). For dogs that have been here before that need a little refresher I have a minimum stay of 2 weeks ($110 per week).