Herding Vacations 

Want to get away with your dog for something a bit different. Try a herding vacation    

Live to far away to come for regular lessons, a weekend clinic to impersonal or just not long enough, just want to spend time out on the farm getting more intensive training, then how about a week long "herding vacation"? You get 2 lessons a day for seven days starting with a morning lesson any day you choose. The morning lessons are typically at 9 or 10 am and the afternoon one is at 3 PM, though that can be flexible. Some of the sessions will be just you and some will be with my regular weekly students, we find that having other people to watch is often even more informative than your own lesson. In between you will have time to watch our collection of herding related video tapes and CD's, sit back and relax or go off and explore the area. Want to skip an afternoon lesson to day trip to the coast or Portland or someplace else? no problem its your vacation.

There are a number of motels that take dogs that are a 15-20 minutes drive from the farm. If you have an RV or camper trailer you can stay on the farm.