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Naming of the Lambs 2010

Every year at "Meet the Lambs Day" people see the signs with the lambs' names, breeds and date of birth and ask about the names, who names them, what the origin of the names are etc. Well it is Raven who names them, and the stories behind then are a wide and varied as the names themselves.

This is page 5 of this years naming of the lambs be sure to check out the previous pages

i have a friend who used to teach elementary school, and one year she had a new student who was registered with the first name of Le-A. my friend tried various pronunciations -- Lee, Leah -- but was informed "it's pronounced 'LeDasha.' the dash don't be silent." i promised her that i'd name one of the lambies this year "Le-A," and here she is!
DOB: April 18, aprox 10 pm Sire: Guiness, Ewe: G55  (50:28M,22F) Paint: green butt
just when i was getting used to all the new lambies being little shetlands, who should i find this early morning, hiding behind her mom out in the maternity ward field, but a big white girl! actually, by regular non-shetland standards, she's not all that big, just a healthy normal size lambie. but after all the shetlands, she looked huge to me (and felt huge when i lugged her back to the barn!) so i called her Mama Cass. had "California Dreamin'" stuck in my head all morning.
April 20, aprox 7 am Sire: Enrico Jr, Ewe: O107 (51:28M,23F) Paint: blue both hips
we are all getting more than a little tired of RAIN at this point in the year, especially since we had some really nice days last week -- just enough sunshine to give us all hope that there may indeed be sunny, bright, rainless days in our future. then, cruelly, the rain came back, literally dampening our hopes. this tiny little guy was born in one of the rain showers. i was in the barn getting everything ready for him when Ian brought him and his mom in, all sopping wet. how could he not be named Aquaman?
DOB: April 20, aprox 4 pm Sire: Guiness, Ewe: G57  (52:29M,23F) Paint: red left shoulder Tag: Blue 16 ( change to red)
i have, on occasion, been accused of giving these lambies arcane names. i usually deny it stoutly, but in this case i have to admit it's a little off the wall. this lovely little lambie is our 53rd of the year (so far!), and when i saw her i thought "53, isn't that a prime number?" (it is.) and from there my alleged mind skittered to The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, and thus she got her name, Miss Jean
Brodie, and she is not even close to being past her prime.
DOB: April 20, aprox 10 pm Sire: Guiness, Ewe: G53 (53:29M,24F) Paint: red right shoulder
we were celebrating Earth Day by planting some trees and bushes around the place, and getting materials to build a new worm bin for composting kitchen scraps, it all felt good but i was really really hoping for a new lambie or two, to be the perfect Earth Day celebration. and that afternoon, they arrived! first was the little boy, Al Gore, and soon after a tiny girl, Gaia. what could be better?
DOB: April 22, aprox 1 pm Sire: Guiness, Ewe: G34 (54:30M,24F) Paint: red left hip Tag: White 233
April 22, aprox 2 pm Sire: Guiness, Ewe: G59 (55:30M,25F) Paint: red right hip
one of my favorite movies of all time has always been "To Kill a Mockingbird," and recently Ian got me a two-DVD set of the movie and a bunch of special features, just wonderful stuff! i had been watching the bonus features, including an interview with Mary Badham who played Scout so beautifully, when this wonderful little girl arrived on the scene, so of course i named her Scout. listening to her tiny baas, i thought i heard "are you Boo?"
DOB: April 23, aprox 2 pm Sire: Enrico Jr, Ewe: O123 (56:30M,26F) Paint: Green both hips
a handsome little all-white girl was born on the 24th, our 57th lambie of the year, whom i named, with a remarkable absence of creativity, Heinz. i hope my lambie-naming energies aren't all used up, we still have a half-dozen or more coming!
DOB: April 24, aprox 2 pm Sire: Guiness, Ewe: G31 (57:30M,27F) Paint: red right hip
a REALLY sweet REALLY tiny baby girl born this morning, marked almost exactly like Possum: mostly white & slightly dappled  body, all-black face and legs. when i saw her she was just out of her mama, and i called out to her good morning baby! then launched into "Good Morning, Starshine" from Hair, so Starshine she is. what a great way to start the week!
DOB: April 26, aprox 10 am Sire: Guiness, Ewe: ST178 (58:30M,28F) Paint: red butt
a few days ago we had a BIG storm and lost several sheep to it,
including one of my dearest old ewes, Annie Lambie, who was once a bottle baby and stayed wonderful and friendly, coming to me when i called her, meeting me at the fence so i could sneak her an extra snack of freshly pulled grass. i was so sad to see her go, but she had a great life here on our farm. at just about the time Annie Lambie was breathing her last. this frisky, friendly little girl was born, all shiny black. we named her Anthracite so we could call her Annie, too. i like to think that Annie Lambie's spirit left her and went right into this little one.
DOB: April 27, aprox 2pm Sire: Guiness, Ewe: G52 (59:30M,29F) Paint:
we haven't had a lot of twins born this year, so it was sweet to see these two very small but shamefully adorable black twins. the boy is especially small, so Ian called him Tiny Tim. i called his sister Tina Fey, mainly because (a) i like Tina Fey and (b) i thought the two names sounded nice together.
DOB: April 28, aprox noon Sire: Enrico Jr, Ewe: O152 (61:31M,30F) Paint:
i missed the next one being born, she showed up late at night when Ian was out doing last lamb check and i was asleep. i woke when he came in and he told me we had a new big white girl with VERY big ears! when i met her in the morning, the name that cam instantly to mind was Wascally Wabbit!
DOB: April 28, aprox 10 pm Sire: Enrico Jr, Ewe: O163 (62:31M,31F) Paint:
when i did first lamb check early in the morning, i noticed one of the ewes acting all pre-birthy, so i kept checking up on her. just before it was time to wake Ian up, i peered out with the binoculars and saw one of the huge white flock guardian dogs, Thelma, out there right with the ewe i'd been watching, which usually means a new lambie is either imminent or just born. i looked again and saw the new lambie, trying to nurse on Thelma!  what could i name this one but Puppy, thinking the big ol' dog was her mama!
DOB: April 29, aprox 8 am Sire: Enrico Jr, Ewe: no tag (63:31M,32F) Paint:
and for a nice in-you-face to me for saying we haven't had many twins, we just had another set! the mom first had a really cute and active little girl, all black with just a titch of white on her fluffy little head. but her mom wasn't done yet, obviously; we went to the barn to get their quarters ready for them and to collect eggs, and got back just in time to see the second twin, a much larger white boy, hit the ground. I named the little black girl Tar and her big white brother Feather.
DOB: April 29, aprox 5 pm Sire: Enrico Jr, Ewe: O155 (65:32M,33F) Paint: