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Naming of the Lambs 2011

Every year at "Meet the Lambs Day" people see the signs with the lambs' names, breeds and date of birth and ask about the names, who names them, what the origin of the names are etc. Well it is Raven who names them, and the stories behind then are a wide and varied as the names themselves. This also doubles as our lamb log so it also includes items such as paint and tag. Tag refers to the sheeps identifying ear tags, the letter denotes the color of the tag, we usually add these to the lambs at about 3 months of age. Paint refers to the washable paint we add to lambs and ewes to identify who belongs to whom.

The most current lambs are shown on this page older lambs are shown on the pages listed below

did i say lambing season was officially over?  this afternoon (may 3rd) Ian was out in one of the back fields and found one of the yearling shetland ewes with a teensy little lambie by her side! when he brought me out to see them, my first comment was "oh aren't you the SWEET little Mousie!" so MOUSE is his name. he's frisky and confident and impossibly cute, just the right size to play with BooBoo's little girl, Puppy.  "lambing season officially over," riiiiiiight! shows what i know.
May 2, aprox late Sire: Keith Olberman, Ewe: G  (78:38M,40F) Paint: tag: s221 NOT BANDED
one of our favorite older ewes, the large and lovely Lucy Longtail, delivered what will certainly be her last lambie, time for her to retire and take it easy. since this young man was born so close to Rachel's birthday, and also for the alliteration of it, i named him LAWRENCE Longtail, for Lawrence O'Donnell. Lawrence is a little lethargic and has a floppy back leg, but i'm hoping his name will encourage him to become fearless and incisive!
April 26, aprox noon Sire: Enrico Jr, Ewe: Lucy Longtail  (77:37M,40F) Paint:
RACHEL is such a feisty lambie, cool looking, lively, curious. if I were Rachel Maddow, i'd be pleased to have such a fine young lambie named after me. lambing season is winding down at last, only a few more to go (and a couple of potential mamas who are either going to have octuplets or they've been on the Kirstie Alley diet plan!). we're hammered and ready for the season to be over... soon!
April 24, aprox noon Sire: Bill Maher, Ewe: G  (76:36M,40F) Paint: tag: CHECK
late this afternoon Ian spotted a mama and lambie out in a field away from the others, so we trudged out to fetch them. this is THE BIGGEST lambie we've ever had, he must weigh ten or twelve pounds! he's as big as our other lambies who are three weeks old! I lugged him back while Ian and Bear got the mom to come along. I  said to him "aren't you a moose, though!" and voilà, his name is Bullwinkle.
April 22, approx 4 pm Sire: Jehovah, Ewe: notag  (75:36M,39F) Paint: tag:s218
  Licorice & Chocolate
LICORICE and CHOCOLATE were born this morning while a woman was here taking photographs, so their arrival was well documented. their mama was so enormous I thought she was going to give birth to octuplets, or an aircraft carrier. instead she had a lovely black and white girl, Licorice, and a handsome brown and white boy, Chocolate. I wonder if their names reflect that it was close to lunchtime when they were born?
April 21, aprox 11 am Sire: Jehovah, Ewe: O133  (74:35M,39F) Paint: tags: licorice-orage 218 CHECK
Venus & Adonis
VENUS and ADONIS were born just as we were finishing feeding chores for the evening and thought we were headed to the house for some dinner. think again! their mama had them in a far corner of the field. Adonis was born first, and his mama was so busy licking him clean that she didn't even notice Venus slip out a few minutes later. I named them as I did because Ian just sold three of his beautiful shepherd's crooks to a Wisconsin opera company to be used in their production of "Venus and Adonis." i'm so proud of Ian's artistry in his stick dressing that I named these twins in his honor.
April 19, aprox 6 pm Sire: Bill Maher, Ewe: G37 (72:34M,38F) Paint: Tags: CHECK
Lisa & Maggie
LISA and MAGGIE greeted me when I went out to do first feeding and lambie check this morning. after that long string of boys, we were delighted to see that both of these pretty babies are girls. I named them after the sisters in "The Simpsons" largely because we're so exhausted at this point, that's about the highest intellectual level of entertainment we are able to process (lisa is hte brown one).
April 19, aprox 6 am Sire: Keith Olberman, Ewe: G45  (70:33M,37F) Paint: tags: lisa-Green 89, maggie-green 94
Caleb & Aaron
CALEB and AARON are not as biblical as one might think, at least not directly. they're another pair of black and white boys, and I named them for the characters in John Steinbeck's "East of Eden." Cal is, of course the dark brooding James-Dean brother, and Aaron the goody-goody white one.
April 18, aprox 11 pm Sire: Bill Maher, Ewe: Ecru (68:33M,35F) Paint: tag: Caleb-red 32, aaron-s220
CHOOCHOO is a beautiful Shetland boy, born to one of our favorite Shetland ewes, the lovely ChaCha. we're hoping he'll grow up to carry on her line in years to come, so I named him ChooChoo both to echo his mama's name and to signify "full speed ahead!"
April 18, aprox 10 pm Sire: Bill Maher, Ewe: G8 ChaCha  (66:31M,35F) Paint: tag: CHECK
Salt & Pepper
SALT and PEPPER are, as you might guess, twins, one white and one black. we've had more than our share of those this year! when Nighttime and Daytime were born in the middle of Meet the Lambies Day, our friends Ken and Celia were among the wonderful student helpers who got us through that VERY busy day in one piece, and Ken was hoping that i'd name those two Salt and Pepper... but too late. so these two are named for you, Ken!
March 18, aprox 5 pm Sire: Bill Maher, Ewe: G57  (65:30M,35F) Paint: tag: salt-red 31 pepper-s226
Ian says that SASQUATCH is a thoroughly silly name for a Shetland lambie. but I watched and watched as his poor mama struggled heroically in labor with him. finally out came his feet, then his head, and she struggled yet more. at last the rest of him made it out into the world, and it's no wonder she had a hard time, he's huge for a Shetland lambie! she and I both think Sasquatch is entirely appropriate.
April 18, aprox 8 am Sire: Bill Maher, Ewe: G61  (63:28M,35F) Paint: tag:s223 (REBAND)
JANA is named for a good friend of mine, someone I met in person only once at a memorable sheepdog trial in North Carolina many years ago. we've remained close thanks to email, and we were "talking"online the day this little one was born. I asked her if she'd like to have a lambie named after her, but before she had a chance to respond, out popped the lambie and Jana she is.
April 18, aprox 6 am Sire: Keith Olberman, Ewe: G52  (62:27M,35F) Paint: tag: green 87
Aunt Fluffy
AUNT FLUFFY was originally misnamed Uncle Fluffy. she was born during the night and I didn't see her until morning, thought Ian had said she was a boy. she has sweet fluffy wool, and I named her Uncle Fluffy thinking of Jed Bartlett's nice-guy alter ego, which his staff referred to as his being in "Uncle Fluffy mode." by the time I learned her true gender, I was already thinking of her as Fluffy, so I just changed Uncle to Aunt.
April 18, aprox 1 am Sire: Keith Olberman, Ewe: G69  (61:27M,34F) Paint: tag: green 88
Bandita & Conchita
BANDITA and CONCHITA were the other two who greeted the morning today, twin girls. the little mostly white lambie has a mask of black around her pretty eyes, so I named her Bandita. her sister is named Conchita for no better reason than that it rhymes and goes nicely with Bandita. you may notice that toward the end of lambing season, my naming tends to fall back on rhymes more and more. laziness, or just exhaustion?
DOB: April 17, aprox 6 am Sire: Bill Maher, Ewe: lost tag   (60:27M,33F) Paint: tags: bandita-green 86, conchita-green 85
  Wee Badger
I found three new lambies waiting for me, all girls, all strong and healthy. one looks so much like her mama that it looks as though mom had cloned herself, it's amazing! she has perfect little three-color badger markings, so I named her THE WEE BADGER, and sang to her "if you want to be a badger, just come along with me, by the bright shining light of the moon!" you old University of Wisconsin alums out there, feel free to join in.
DOB: April 17, aprox 6 am Sire: Bill Maher, Ewe: G68   (58:27M,31F) Paint: tag: green 83
Mick & Keith
twin boys arrived during the night, Ian told me about tjem after he came in from last lambie check. I was so groggy with sleep that I barely remembered it until I saw them out there when I went to do first check this morning. well aren't you boys just the midnight ramblers, I said to them. and so they are named MICK (the black one) and KEITH.
DOB: April 16, aprox 9 pm Sire: Keith Olberman, Ewe: G53   (57:27M,30F) Paint: tags: keith-red33, mick-red 30
HAZEL was born during a brief visit from a nice lady who came to pick up some wool for her daughter, who's learning to spin. when she arrived I walked out to the barn with her to show her the new lambies while Ian fetched the wool. on the way back to the house I saw a brand new lambie had been born during the brief time we were in the barn. she said, kidding, "if it's a girl, you can name her Hazel after me!" and it is a girl, and I did name her Hazel. so there!
DOB: April 16, aprox 2 pm Sire: Keith Olberman, Ewe: G38   (55:25M,30F) Paint: tag: CHECK
PUPPY is another tiny Shetland, are we inadvertently starting a new breed of miniature sheep? her mama is BooBoo, who was a bottle baby a few years ago with her twin sister BeeBee, and she's always been a sweet gentle girl. she loves her little Puppy dearly, and I expect Puppy will grow up to be as friendly and affectionate as her mama, as any good puppy always is.
April 15, aprox 10 pm Sire: Keith Olberman, Ewe: G20   (54:25M,29F) Paint: tag: green 90
DALLY is our newest lambie, arrived early this morning. her mama was quite spooky and i was afraid i would have to get Ian's help to bring her and her baby into a lambing jug, but eventually maternal instinct won out over skittishness and they are both snug in their new digs. Dally is a big strong girl, so pretty with her black and white spots! "Dally" is short for Dalmatian, even though the young lady is more black than white.
April 15, aprox 6 am Sire: Enrico Jr, Ewe:  O162 (53:25M,28F) Paint: blue both shoulders tag: orange 205