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Naming of the Lambs 2012

Every year at "Meet the Lambs Day" people see the signs with the lambs' names, breeds and date of birth and ask about the names, who names them, what the origin of the names are etc. Well it is Raven who names them, and the stories behind then are a wide and varied as the names themselves. This also doubles as our lamb log so it also includes items such as paint and tag. Tag refers to the sheeps identifying ear tags, the letter denotes the color of the tag, we usually add these to the lambs at about 3 months of age. Paint refers to the washable paint we add to lambs and ewes to identify who belongs to whom.

The most current lambs are shown on this page older lambs are shown on the pages listed below


it has been my naming tradition that, when we have black twins who are one of each flavor, i name the boy Anthracite and the girl Bituminous, or Antsy and Bitsy for short. i found these two shivering and baaing first thing this morning at dawn lambie check, and was delighted to find that they met the criterion!

April 7 5 am  Sire:  Ewe:G (23:11M12F)  Paint:


since Ian had such a long night fighting for little Flopsy's life, i let him sleep in and did the 9:00 lambie check by myself too. what should i find but two more black lambies, VERY tiny little girls who were stilll wet and barely on their feet when i found them. i brought them in and put them in a lambing jug with their mama, but when i walked out to get a bucket of water for mom to drink, the frisky little things promptly followed me right out of the pen and down the alley, leaving their mama bleating at them to come back! so i named them Goodness and Mercy, and even though i don't expect them to follow me all the days of my life, they sure did so this morning.

 April 7 8 am  Sire:    Ewe: O152 (25:11M14F)  Paint:


Irish Coffee and Lagniappe were midnight babies, born on Ian's watch, so i didn't see them until first lambie check at six the next morning. by then they were up and trotting around briskly in their jug, stopping to nurse awhile, rest awhile, then party around some more. the boy has such a glorious swirl of white on his little black head that i named him Irish Coffee. his sister is Lagniappe, a sweet little something extra.


DOB: April 7 midnight Sire: , Ewe:   (27:12M,15F) Paint:


to look at her curled up in a tidy little snoozing ball, you'd never guess how much trouble Janis Joplin gave her mama in coming into this world! we saw her  mom starting to go into labor around nine at night, then watched as the poor girl worked and worked and worked at it. mom is a small shetland, this is her first lambie, and her new baby was looking like just what she proved to be, a big girl! finally mama gave a mighty heave-ho and got the lambie's head out, at which point Ian could step in and help ease her the rest of the way. since she is such a "great, great broad," i named her Janis Joplin.

DOB: April 8, 9 pm Sire: Ewe: G78 (28:12M,16F) Paint: green head


Easter Egg was a big surprise to us when we found her out in the pasture early on the monday morning after easter. every night we bring all the expectant mamas in from the field to spend a peaceful night in the barn, making it easier for us to find any new babies and giving the moms a sheltered place to give birth. somehow little Egg's mom must have managed to hide out during the evening roundup, because there they wer, eall alone in the field next morning. surprise!

DOB: April 9, 6 am Sire: Ewe: G82  (29:12M,17F) Paint:


you may think that Teddy is a strange name for a girl lambie, and you'd be right. but my sister Fuzz has a birthday coming up, and when i asked what she'd like as a birthday present, she said she would love to have a little black lambie named Teddy, in honor of one of her much-beloved kittehs (all of her kittehs are black!) also named Teddy. since Fuzz's birthday is getting close and no black boy lambies were on the scene, i named this little girl Teddy; no need to be sexist about it!

DOB: April 9, 11 am Sire: Ewe: G33 (30:12M,18F) Paint:

   the adventures i miss while li'm sound asleep! when Ian did last lambie check at midnight, little did he know he was stepping into a major Keystone Kops-type comedy/farce! little black lambies, new and a tad older, popping out everywhere, all looking just alike, four of them! one racing around the barn with Ian in hot pursuit, trying to capture him -- you would not believe how fast these lambies can run! moms and babies not finding each other, trying to shuttle older mom & lambs out of jugs in order to clean them and make room for the new kids... it took him a long, long time to sort it all out! sounds funny in the telling, but i'm so glad it was on Ian's watch and not mine! so this morning i named this first little guy Puzzle.

DOB: April 9 11 pm  Sire:   Ewe: G72 (31:13M,18F)  Paint: geen both shoulders

   Conundrum was the next in the grand mixup. his mom, a big black ewe with horns, has been desperately wanting a lambie for many days now, and finally she got hers... right in the middle of all the craziness, of course! her boy is big and strong and well worth the wait.

DOB: April 9 11 pm Sire:   Ewe: O124 (32:14M,18F)  Paint:

  and the last of the four born all at once in a big midnight lambing frenzy, these two identical black boys, Juan and Amahl. because (have you already guessed?) when you've seen Juan, you've seen Amahl. you have the right to groan, if you cannot groan, a groaner will be appointed for you...

DOB: April 10 1 am  Sire:   Ewe: G67 (34:16M.18F)  Paint: green between shoulders

  Spright is another of the little black-turning-brown shetland lambies.i had thought she might have that pretty three-tone badger face marking like her mama, but not so. all these little black/dark brown lambies bouncing around the pasture are so sweet! she is named for her especially sprightly way of jumping about when The Skippies strike her fancy!
April 10 11am Sire: Ewe: G71  (35:16M,19F) Paint: green right hip
  Keno and Faro were born early on the morning of friday the thirteenth, so in hopes of their being lucky lambies, i named them after two games of chance. they seem lucky so far -- they were a HUGE hit on Meet the Lambies Day! they were just one day old, and showed remarkable aplomb when they were cuddled and kissed all day by the hundreds of people who came to visit.
April 13 5 am  Sire:   Ewe: NTbadger  (37:16M,21F) Paint:

Thomas and Victor were born last night, much to their VERY pregnant mama's relief. we have been expecting her to have her lambies for almost a week, and finally here they are, and well worth the wait. p.s., if you haven't seen the wonderful movie "Smoke Signals" you won't recognize these boys' names, but you should run right out and see it. "Hey Victor, what aboutyour dad?" ;-)

April 18 9pm  Sire:   Ewe: G  (39:18M,21F)  Paint:

  you may have noticed that we have (intentionally) had a LOT of black lambies this year, and lately nothing but. so i was startled to see a big white boy in the barn this morning, and -- over Ian's objections- named him Honky.
April 18 midnight  Sire:   Ewe: G  (40:19M,21F)  Paint:
  how could we hope for a better end to the 20112 lambing season? a pair of tiny, and i mean tiny, little twins. their mom has been as big as a barn with these babies, we've been expecting her to pop any moment for weeks and could see the lambies thrashing around in there. when she finally went into labor, it was a long and difficult one, truly shows why it's called labor! the poor girl tried hard, and in the end we had to help; i held her tight while Ian reached in and positioned the tangled up lambies correctly. then out they came, a brown boy and a black girl. in honor of their mom's hard work, i named them Huffin and Puffin.
  Sire:   Ewe:   Paint: