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Naming of the Lambs 2013

Every year at "Meet the Lambs Day" people see the signs with the lambs' names, breeds and date of birth and ask about the names, who names them, what the origin of the names are etc. Well it is Raven who names them, and the stories behind then are a wide and varied as the names themselves. This also doubles as our lamb log so it also includes items such as paint and tag. Tag refers to the sheeps identifying ear tags, the letter denotes the color of the tag, we usually add these to the lambs at about 3 months of age. Paint refers to the washable paint we add to lambs and ewes to identify who belongs to whom.

The most current lambs are shown on this page older lambs are shown on the pages listed below

  Otis -- right at the spot where this lambie was born, I think there must be a lot more gravity than elsewhere around the farm. I sat and watched as he struggled to his feet, then BOOM! fell right back down again. up on his feet! back down! up! down! up! down! a little lambie elevator... named Otis.
April 11, aprox 1 pm Sire: Friendr, Ewe: O217  (55:28M,27F) Paint: yellow LH Tag: W256
  BlackJack -- just as shadows were starting to lengthen this afternoon, the time of day i call Lamb Light, another ewe went into labor. i rudely followed her around for awhile, waiting to see who would pop out. i never get tired of seeing the lambies born, it's like a magic trick -- one minute there's a big fat sheep huffing and puffing away, the next there's a wet pod of birth sac with a lambie struggling to get out and a mama licking it clean. this boy has very long legs, most elegant looking, and really deep black. i may have been thinking of having a relaxing dirnk before dinner when i named him BlackJack.
April 11, aprox 4:30 pm Sire: Dude , Ewe: no tag  (56:29M,27F) Paint: orange butt Tag:S269
  Stilts -- a few years ago i fell in love with Corriedale wool, so we got a couple of Corrie ewes. alas, they are just TOO BIG to handle, especially compared with our Shetlands, so our Corriedale flock remains at two. one of those girls just had her lambie the night before Meet the Lambies Day, and he is a big guy with a sweet face and lllooonnnnngggg legs -- hence his name, Stilts. he was a big hit with the visitors, since he was so big and not even a whole day old yet.
April 12, aprox 11 pm Sire: Dude, Ewe: whitecori  (57:30M,27F) Paint: yellow RS Tag: S260
  Addendum -- we thought we might have a lambie or two born during Meet the Lambies Day, as has happened in past years, much to the delight of visitors who got to see it all. this year the day came and went, but about half an hour after the last of the crowd went home, sure enough as a last thought or the day, this girl Addendum made her appearance.
April 13, aprox 4:30 pm Sire: dude, Ewe: O163  (58:30M,28F) Paint: yellow RH Tag: )211
  Napoleon -- sunday afternoon around 12:30 one of the remaining ladies-in-waiting huffed and puffed and brought forth this pretty mostly-black boy. she looked and acted as if she was going to have another, but she fooled us and had just the one boy, so i named him Napoleon Solo.
April 14, aprox noon Sire: Dude, Ewe: O151  (59:31M,28F) Paint: Orange B Bet Tag: S268
  Boney --later the same evening, Ian came in to get me, saying we had a ewe in labor. boy, was she ever! she worked and worked, strained and groaned, and just couldn't get more than the front feet out despite all her efforts. i was definitely feeling her pain, hovering on the sidelines trying to coach her -- "hee hee hee HOOH!" -- to do LaMaze breathing. just as we were deciding we should step in and help, she gave two mighty pushes and out slid her lambie at last! even though she's now sweet and fluffy, when i picked her up to carry her in, she felt like all skin and bones, so her name is Boney Maroney.
April 14, aprox 9 pm Sire: Dude, Ewe: O176  (60:31M,29F) Paint: Yellow BS Tag:O213
  Last Call -  i missed the last lambie of the day, i was sound asleep around midnight when this boy showed up. Ian woke me (tried to wake me, actually) to tell me about him, but i didn't get to see him until The Sun Almost Rises early this morning. partly because he was the last lambie of the day, and partly because i've been on a run of listening to old Dave Van Ronk music lately, i thought a good name for him would be Last Call.
April 14, aprox 11 PM Sire: Dude, Ewe: O107  (61:32M,29F) Paint: Yellow BH Tag: W257
  Lazarus -- this morning we had a miracle. when Ian put the ladies-in-waiting out to pasture for the day, one black Shetland ewe stayed lying in one of the big feed tubs. when she slowly got up, Ian could see that she had a lambie partially born, just feet and head. the poor girl was plainly exhausted, and it seemed for all the world as if she had just flat given up trying. Ian took hold of the feet and gently pulled, sure that he was bringing out a dead lambie -- it was cold and showed no signs of life. but as he came out of his mama, suddenly he shook his head and took a breath! hooray! Ian rubbed him and got him moving, and he turned from a seemingly dead lambie to a very live one. what else could his name be but Lazarus?

April 15, aprox 9 am Sire: Dude, Ewe: G70  (62:33M,29F) Paint: White BS Tag: R58
  Honky -- this has been our summer of lots and LOTS of beautiful black Lambies, so it is a surprise when these later babies are white or partly white. i saw this guy from a distance, his little white wool was so shining bright. i called out to him, "welcome to the world, you little honky!" so his name became Honky. if he had been a girl, i guess i'd have made it Honky Tonk Woman.
April 16, aprox noon Sire: Dude, Ewe: O172  (63:34M,29F) Paint: yellow butt Tag:S267

I promised my sister Fuzz a pair of twin Lambies named Hither and Yon for her birthday next week, and they were born last night. here is their story.

Hither - early last evening we saw one of the five remaining holdout ewes starting to go into labor. another one was standing right beside her. the next thing Ian saw was one of them running around with something black in her mouth -- the other ewe has STOLEN the new lambie from its mother and was carrying it away by one leg! we both went running to help. Ian held the lambie-thief in a headlock while I picked up the stolen lambie and led her mama out of that field. the thief ewe was just berserk! running around screaming at the top of her lungs, completely deranged!

April 18, aprox 4 pm Sire: Dude, Ewe: O158  (64:34M,30F) Paint:White Bet S Tag: O212

Yon -- we got little Hither, who survived the traumatic birth scene with great aplomb, tucked into the barn with her mama. meanwhile the thief continued crashing around screeching like a madman. this continued even after she and the other holdouts were in the barn for the night, she was certain we had stolen her baby! you can imagine our relief when she finally had her own lambie, little Yon, a few hours later and settled down at last.

so you see, they almost WERE twins, at least twins born to different mothers. happy birthday to Fuzz!
April 18, aprox 5pm Sire: Friend, Ewe: O156 (65:34M,31F) Paint: Orange LS Tag: O210

  Zap & Zot -- these two sweet twins were a great treat to find. i had hurt my knee and was languishing on the slouch, when Ian said one of the last ewes was going into labor. i promised that i wouldn't go tromping around in the field to see the new baby, but of course that lasted only a few minutes. when i got out there, there was one little black lambie on the ground, and another just on the way out. twins! i saw a woman and a little girl watching from the side of the road, so i invited them in to meet the lambies first-hand. they were amazed at how quickly the little ones were up on their feet and looking for food! since i "knew" that these would be our last lambies of this year, i gave them Z names: the girl is Zap and her brother is Zot.

April 20, aprox noon Sire: Dude, Ewe: G67  (67:35M,32F) Paint: white butt tag: G108 adn R59
  WooHoo! -- okay, so we THOUGHT we were finished lambing for this year. there were two ewes who sort of looked and acted pregnant, but not all that much, so we had written them off as wannabe moms. well guess what: surprise! this one did have a lambie early this morning, one of the prettiest ever, with beautiful markings and a lethally cute face! since she was born on Earth Day, I was tempted to name her Gaia, but the surprise element trumped that, so her name is WooHoo!

April 22, aprox 6 am Sire: Dude, Ewe: O (68:35M,33F) Paint: Tag: P26