The Sheep of Wolston Farm

Here at Wolston Farms we raise our sheep primarily for their wool

We make into a wide range of products and also sell as roving, batting or, at shearing time, as whole fleeces. About half of our flock are purebred Shetlands but we also have Scottish Blackface and what we call Wolston Sheep that are a mix primarily of Shetland, Scottish Blackface, Black Welsh Mountain with a bit of Romney, Lincoln and a few other things.

We care a great deal about providing the best possible environment for our animals and hope to eventually converting our flock to organic production. First we have to get the pastures on our farm regenerated and producing enough feed and hay to support the flock, finish our re-fencing and get control of some bacterial and worm problems endemic to this area. All our lambs are raised on mothers milk and pasture grass, no hormones, antibiotics, drugs or artificial supplements are used. Our sheep have free access to mineral and fresh water year round, during the winter the pasture is supplemented with grass and alfalfa hay.

Currently we occasional sell live sheep to others looking to start or expand their flocks or for use in training herding dogs. The primitive breeds which include Shetlands, Scottish Blackface and Black Welsh Mountain are excellent for training sheepdogs as they do not get "dog broke" easily and are fairly independent which keeps the dogs honest and paying attention to ALL their sheep.