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Ian & Raven raveian@wolston.com 541-971-0372


School Tours

A busload of school children meet the farmer and the sheepdogs. How to behave around working dogs is explained.

Ian gives an introduction about the farm and the animals

During lambing season visitors have a chance to meet and pet the baby lambs

Baby lambs are usually available from the beginning of March till the middle of May

Raven explains how everything on the farm has a job to do

We have display boards that help us explain things like how wool is processed

The different colors of the sheep and some of the unusual marking of our sheep are shown by the lamb called "Gateway"

Shetland sheep "T'resa" helps explain about the different breeds of sheep

The commands the dogs follow are explained while Moss waits to begin the demonstration

School children see how a shepherd's whistle works

The dogs demonstrate how their skills reduce the farmer's work load

Moss & Ian sorting sheep as part of the demonstration

Ian explains about the rams and their horns

There is always time to answer questions

If you are interested in bringing a group out for a tour please contact us by E-mail at imc@wolston.com or by phone at 503-394-2021.